2016 - KE 6

Konzertperformance für
Kontrabassklarinette, Tuba, Akkordeon, Tanz, Elektronik, Licht

Heather Roche (Kontrabassklarinette)

Jan Termath (Tuba)

Dorrit Bauerecker (Akkordeon)

Linda Nordström (Tanz)

Jan Baumgart (Klangregie)

Nicolás Kretz (Lichtregie)

Hannelore Pfeifer (Fotografie)

Rebecca ter Braak (Fotografie)

Roman Pfeifer (Konzept, Komposition)

„It‘s a very challenging space to create music in, when you have forty-five seconds reverberation coming back at you. The sound is so well mirrored, so to speak, that it‘s hard to tell direct sound from the reflective sound. It puts you in the deep listening space. You‘re hearing the past, of sound that you made; you‘re continuing it, possibly, so you‘re right in the present, and you‘re anticipating the future, which is coming at you from the past.“ (Pauline Oliveros)

Performance in Köln

neues Kunstforum Köln, 1. Oktober 2016
Fotografie: Rebecca ter Braak

Performance in Oberhausen

Gasometer Oberhausen, 27. August 2016
Fotografie: Hannelore Pfeifer