Roman Pfeifer - Kammerelektronik: silver studio

Concertperformance for Flute/Drumset, Viola, Dance, Elektronics and Light
with Linda Nordström, Daniel Agi, Alice Vaz, Jan Baumgart, Nicolás Kretz, Roman Pfeifer

Klangzeit Münster
27st May 2018, 8pm
BLACK BOX im cuba, Achtermannstraße 12, 48143 Münster

Klangzeit - Münster

I even painted the silverware silver
(Billy Name)

It was the perfect time to think silver.
He covered the crumbling walls and the pipes in different grades of silver foil.
He bought cans of silver paint and sprayed everything with it, right down to the toilet bowl.
Why he loved silver so much I don't know. But it was great,
Silver was the future, it was spacey
The astronauts wore silver suits - and their equipment was silver too.
And silver was the past - the silver screen, Hollywood actresses photographed in silver sets.
Maybe more than anything, silver was narcissism - mirrors were backed with silver
(Andy Warhol)

Roman Pfeifer - Kammerelektronik: Geister fotografieren

To photograph ghosts: The recordings, ectoplasmic rayograms and ghost portraits created for the concert performance GEISTER FOTOGRAFIEREN mix the belief in the undeniable documentary potential of photography with that of invisible realities and the possibility of communicating spaces.
limited, numbered edition: 60 copies, risography on caribic black, 42 x 28 cm folded to final format: 21 x 28 cm, with rubber band, 32 pages. printing: Outer Space Press, Berlin, out now at syntagma verlag

I want these people to believe that there is communication“ (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)